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What should be done for the development of youth in Laos?

The youth of the world face different challenges and barriers to prosperity, depending on which part of the world they are living in. Young people living in developed and developing countries are more prone to facing mental and social challenges, whereas young people living in underdeveloped countries face extreme problems rooted in a lack of more basic needs such as education, health, and employment. To mark the International Youth Day on August 12, Vientiane Times asked some youth to voice their thoughts on upgrading their skills and ensuring development.


 Ms Daly Xaiyasane, an employee at Xaysettha district: I want to call on concerned sectors to propagate the significance of the role of youth and inspire them. The best way is to begin early in school. Schools need to emphasise their roles, inspire them and help them develop skills. This approach has been adopted internationally. This step-by-step development is needed to improve and strengthen the youth of our country. And herein lies the biggest challenge.

Ms Kelasone, student at National University of Laos: On behalf of all youth, I must say that we understand that education
is the best way to upgrade our skills and let us remember that learning never ends. Moreover, besides studying we have to display good behaviour. I am studying business administration and I am always keen to observe and search for new information – which may not necessarily be a part of my curriculum. I dream of working in a reputed organisation one day and gain more knowledge. I hope one day I will be a business operator.

Mr Oley Souvannalath, a government official at Borikhamxay province:
Youth need to understand and follow the policies of the government.
The youth of our country should create opportunities for themselves to keep learning and aim to outdo themselves. For instance, in their free time they could volunteer at an organisation dedicated for youth development. This exposure will take them far. It will help them
connect with the youth of the world. Later, they can float their own organisation and work to overcome their weak points.

Ms Boualoy Leuangvanxay, a student at Sisattanak district: I think an important part of the development of youth is to learn about the cultures of other people and countries. This exchange of knowledge will prove to be beneficial in the long run. It would be nice if the youth form a union and support their less privileged
counterparts in remote areas of their countries. Education is an important tool to bring all youth at par. It is essential to encourage
youth in remote areas to participate in exchange programmes in urban
areas – so that their exposure equips them to bring about a change in
their part of the world.

By Lamphone Pasanthong
(Latest Update August 11, 2023)

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