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Sanfun Academy launches children’s books to foster literacy and community sharing initiatives

Sanfun Academy Publishing, which publishes children’s books and works to promote early literacy, last week announced the launch of a new series of children’s books.
The books, which are written in Lao, are designed to help children develop early literacy skills and build a love for reading.
The books are full of colourful illustrations and simple text that is easy for young children to follow. The books can be purchased at major bookstores in Laos.

The founder and Director of Sanfun Academy Publishing, Mrs Soukphaphone Thongsavanh, said “We are excited to launch these new books and to provide children in Laos with access to quality educational resources. Fostering a love of reading means children must first have access to books.”
The launch was attended by representatives of major publishers in Laos, which together have donated 8,000 books worth 197 million kip to the National Library for distribution to 366 government schools in Vientiane. Sanfun Academy publishes educational materials for children and works to improve the standard of reading materials in Laos, so they are more relevant and attractive to children.
“For me the creation process is a joy. I always see my future self as being the author of children’s books. I am so happy when I finish a manuscript, whether not I write or edit any others. I am even more happy to see a book fully developed and become a reality - like the books that are launched today.”
“I would not have wanted to do what I do now if I hadn’t had the chance to be a full-time mother while I was in Australia. Twelve years ago, I brought up my two toddlers in Australia where I was exposed to the children’s book world at the public library,” she said.
“Public libraries are everywhere in Australia. They are conveniently situated and can even be found in shopping malls, and every suburb has one. Children’s book corners have an abundance of resources. Going to the library with my children was like going to a toyshop. Books equal toys for my children because I spent time with them.”
“It’s a joyful memory and I wanted to form a children’s book publisher since then. But coming back to Laos and faced with market realities, the profit-loss situation, and the high cost of investment, I didn’t do anything about it.”
“Then I went to America on the YSEALI project where I met Professor Deidre Combs. I shared my ideas with her and told her what was holding me back, which most importantly at that time was money.”
“I told her I didn’t have enough money to go into business as a publisher. Her response was to ask if money alone was the problem and if someone gave me US$100,000 there and then, would I be able to do it?”
“She told me to think about what I could do now without money. “Start small”, she said, and these two words changed my life.”
Start small is the key concept behind Sanfun Academy Publishing. Sanfun means “weaving a dream” in Lao, and the word academy represents knowledge transfer and training, through which Mrs Soukphaphone aim to channel a community of creators and artists into the development of children’s books.
The books published today includes the children’s books supported the by the Learn to Read project, youth authors from Sanfun’s writing competition and winners of Let’s Read Write for the Future campaign in 2022.
The launched was attended by representatives of major publishers in Laos, which together have donated 8,000 books worth 197 million Kip to the National Library of Laos for distribution to 366 public school in Vientiane.
The event also launched the campaign “From home Library to Community” which Sanfun Academy Publishing aims to work with the private school sector to raise awareness of reading and book sharing to community and public school. For every two books purchase from parents from schools, Sanfun will match one book to the school to be sharing to a sister school nearby. This is the pilot phase to engage every one in community to take part in book sharing and reading promotion, helping all children to have opportunity and access to children’s books.
“For me creation process of children’s book is a joy. As an author myself, I am happy to work with the new author and I am even more happy to see these books are fully developed and become a reality – like the books that are launched today”.

By Times Reporters
(Latest Update August 21, 2023)

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