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Foreign media follow smart city growth in S. Korea

The South Korean government has policies to support the country’s smart city innovation engine growth programme, to resolve urban problems, pursue sustainable growth, and promote digital economic development.

A model of a Smart City in the Republic of Korea. (File Photo)

A smart city uses lnternet of Things sensors and technologies to connect components across a city to derive data and improve the lives of citizens and visitors.
The Korean government is ready to cooperate with foreign countries, including Laos, if they are interested in developing smart cities.
Journalists from Laos, Vietnam and Romania recently visited the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advance (KAIA) where they heard an overview of Korea’s smart city programme.
The visit took place under the 2022 Invitation Programme of Journalists for exchanges and cooperation with Asean countries, hosted by the Korean Culture and Information Service.
A KAIA team said that smart cities are one of the government’s eight core innovative growth projects and, to that end, the smart city innovative growth engine research and development project began in 2018.
The goal was to invest 115.9 billion won in research over five years by 2022 to develop a world-leading smart city model and apply it to actual cities.
The government’s investment has resulted in the development of 69 smart cities in Korea.
A smart city team outlined ‘perspective changes’, including traditional infrastructure construction, roads and buildings, as well topics under the heading ‘ubiquitous cities’ relating to data acquisition, monitoring, and resource management.
Lastly, they outlined big data usage in smart cities, urban problem solving, and the provision of public services.
Korea’s smart cities aim to resolve urban problems through data-driven solutions and to pursue sustainable growth while protecting the environment, energy and the underprivileged, and to promote digital economic development through the spread of smart cities.
In Laos, the government authorised smart city development projects in Xaysettha and Hadxaifong districts of Vientiane, beginning in July 2020.
A smart city has been described as an urban area that uses technology to provide services and solve problems, such as improving transportation and accessibility, improving social services, and promoting sustainability.
Smart cities comprise business, industrial and residential zones, along with education and health facilities, sports and recreational areas, tourist attractions, and agricultural zones.
The planned new urban centres in Vientiane will have condominiums and housing estates, an expressway, woodland, and a public park.

By Times Reporters
(Latest Update November 10, 2022)

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