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Tardxang waterfall attracts more visitors during Buddhist Lent

After Lao people across the country attended takbat (aims giving) ceremonies nationwide to welcome the beginning of Buddhist Lent (July 8), known locally as Khaophansa , they visited natural waterfalls to celebrate.

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- Rewarding German trip as detour offers travel challenges
My recent trip to Germany was very rewarding but involved some minor hitches that travellers sometimes deal with. It was my first trip to a developed European country in more than two decades since visiting Russia in 1995, so I hope my experiences are useful for people planning a trip to the west.
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- Miyagi prefecture is a good place to visit and learn about Japan
Mayagi prefecture is one of the tourism sites in Japan that was destroyed by the T-sunami in 2011, and although reconstruction has nearly finished, tourists numbers have dropped since the T-sunami. More >>>
- Phoukhaokhuay Water Garden dares you to explore
If you like getting wet, riding small boats or swimming in a natural river; then Phoukhaokhuay Water Garden could be just the place that you are looking for.  
Today, Phoukhaokhuay Water Garden is surrounded the greenness of new- growth of grass and young leaves on the tops of the trees, together adding to the charm of this tourist site in the wet season. More >>>
- China, Buddhist Mountain provides great natural scenery and cultural sites in Anhui
Jiuhua, a sacred mountain in China’s Southern Anhui Province is one of the most famous scenic spots in China, and indeed the wider region too.
Jiuhua Mountain is one of the Four Great Buddhist Mountains in China, it is renowned both inside and outside the country for its culture and beautiful landscape, and it is also well known as the “Lotus Land of Buddha”.More >>>
- Coastal Fujian an ideal tourist destination
Xiamen, Fujian province: Xiamen, nicknamed Garden on the Sea, is a modern port city and a major tourist destination on the southeastern coast of China.
Over 30 journalists and staff members from the China, South Asia and Southeast Press Exchange Centre and the China-Latin America Press Exchange Centre gathered for two-days in China’s Fujian province to tour the beautiful egret island.More >>>
- Great scenery while cruising on Nam Ngum reservoir
Cruising might be your best choice if you are planning to visit Nam Ngum reservoir, a popular destination not far from Vientiane’s city centre.More >>>
- Striking river cave, starry nights as photographers’ dreams come true in Khammuan province
Over several fortunate years this roving photojournalist has had the precious opportunity to visit so many beautiful places in Laos and abroad. More >>>
- Top spot to enjoy sunset at That Luang Lake
Taking in Beung That Luang (That Luang Marsh), the capital’s That Luang Lake Specific Economic Zone boasts a lake with beautiful views that attracts hundreds of people each day, particularly in the evenings for walking, cycling and watching the sunset over the water. More >>>
- Lava tour in Merapi,  famous among adventurous travelers in Yogyakarta
Taking the Lava tour in Merapi volcano via off road jeep is one of the most famous and popular programmes for adventurous and experience-hungry tourists in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.More >>>
- Phangern peak attracts adventurous to Vangvieng
Phangern cliff, located in the famous tourism destination of Vangvieng district in Vientiane province is a tourism site for people of an adventurous nature. More >>>
- Rocket festival: A fun tradition that really strickes a chord, brings the thunder
The dancing of lamvong on an open air stage, the singing folk songs, the tasting of traditional food, the throwing of mud and the smell of gunpowder in the air and you can guess one of the most amazing festivals in Laos, the rocket festival, is in full swing.More >>>
- Manmade waterfall on course to be Vientiane province’s newest attractio
As a simply beautiful land-locked country, Laos has now become a world recognised tourist destination, and now Vientiane’s outskirts will soon have another new destination for weekend getaways.More >>>
- Henan’s long history and splendid culture draw the crowds
Henan China: Historic scenic areas like the Longmen (Dragon Gate) Grottoes in Luoyang city and Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng city, both in Henan province, China, are attracting scholars and visitors from both home and abroad.More >>>
- Asean media soak up Jiangxi’s natural and cultural attractions
Some 19 Asean media personnel recently got to savour the natural charms of the Huangyuan Ridge Scenic Area in Wuyuan County, Jiangxi province, China.More >>>

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