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Katu textile, traditional clothes shine among foreigners

Currently, fashion and clothes from overseas or Western societies are popular with Lao people, especially teenagers.

On the other hand, some foreigners are interested in traditional Lao textiles style.

... More >>>

- In hues of blue, village weaves way to the world
Producing the Leu ethnic group's products using traditional, natural methods is bringing fame to the Natural Weaving Dyeing Group from Hongsa district in Xayaboury province as it attracts an increasingly diverse international market. ... More >>>
- International movie producer enjoys collaboration with Lao filmmakers
Mr Jeetendra Marcelline, an international filmmaker and artist living in Laos, believes the country's emerging film industry has much to share with the world and learn from participating in prestigious global festivals such as the one in Ca nnes. ... More >>>
- Volunteers giving back to help educate the poor
Feeling rich is not how much we have but it's how much we can give to other people who need our help.
Have you ever asked yourself whether it is better to give or to receive?... More >>>
- Simple wood becomes famous furniture by local carver
Carving simple wood to become beautiful furniture and home decor needs skill and ability as well as artistic ideas to come up with the design. Wooden furniture production takes time but the many decorative designs, patterns and styles that result are worth the wait. ... More >>>
- Finding a pathway to healthy lifestyle, harmony, peace in Yoga
The practice of Yoga helps keep us healthy, and it is good and suitable for all people regardless of age, ethnic group, belief system, language or social class. ... More >>>
- Hard work, waste recycling effort gives retiree reason to rise daily
Most adult children would like their elderly parents to stay close to home and do some gentle housework when they are old. ... More >>>
- Sausage souvenirs make tasty gifts
In Savannakhet, one of the local delicacies is a sausage made of beef and spices which is stuffed into either the intestine or the gallbladder of a cow. Called ‘Mum’, it is both a symbol of the province and a favourite gift item of tourists and visitors alike. Indeed, Mum has already received the prestigious ‘One District One Product’ (ODOP) certification from the relevant government departments of Savannakhet province specifically given to the Food Processing Group of Nalao village, Kaysone Phomvihane district, Savannakhet province. ... More >>>
- Birds may stop singing in Laos, soon
It won’t be long before Laos stops hearing the friendly chirping of birds on their window sills. Or so it seems – going by the way they are being trapped in the most callous way by bird-trappers.... More >>>
- High-quality, handmade: Earthenware evolution sees siblings helping family firm survive test of time
From ancient times to today, the development of the craft of pottery and earthenware has been among the hallmarks of civilisational development.
Sadly alongside modernity the craft is becoming less common to find in some quarters... More >>>
- Precious handicraft maintains silversmith’s profits
He is carefully sculpturing an image of Buddha’s face on a silver bowl in his shop for a customer who placed an order to receive this product next week.  Head of Daovanh Handicraft Group in Nonghay village, Hadxaifong district Mr Daovanh Mounlath, is speeding up his work to make sure the work is completed on time as agreed with the customer when they placed their order.. More >>>
- Thaphabath villagers: forest conservation for sustainable income 
Over the last 10 years, villagers in Thaphabath district, Borikhamxay province have changed into guardians of sustainable forest conservation through the planting of Mai tiew (cratexylon prunifolium) trees.. More >>>
- Xieng Khuang noodle becomes more famous in the capital
Many people enjoy eating noodles or Fur for breakfast or lunch as it is part of their culture and a favourite meal for people, but producing white noodles is not easy.. More >>>
- Tailoring doll’s clothes sews up a sustainable income
  Skills in tailoring doll’s clothes is a task that can raise enough income for a family to eat and helps pay the bills.
Ms Chansamone Xaypanya, 50, sews doll’s clothes in Xaysomboun village of Xaythany district in the capital.
She began this career receiving orders of 1,000 dresses from local factory per day.. More >>>
- Marketing efforts promote smith’s work to the hilt
She is not strictly a knifemaker herself, but Ms Douangchay Xaymany has developed a sustainable income from her efforts, getting grips on blades and helping artisans to carve out a growing slice of the market.. More >>>
- Students exuberant over International Children’s Day
Like children in other countries around the world, children in Laos enjoyed the celebrations for International Children’s Day held on Thursday nationwide.. More >>>
- Young artist sees profile, popularity rising on path to prosperity with pixels
Mr Hathaphom Vikhamsao, 23, first fell in love with drawing when he was a child.
Now the young artist known to friends and family as Mr Choy and his work are becoming increasingly known after his profile of popular singer Anita won popularity. . More >>>
- Teenage labourer’s load eased thanks to motorised pulley
In the past you might have seen men carrying 50kg sacks of fish feed down the steep slope of a riverbank or carrying up heavy baskets of fish, which seems like really arduous work given that each day they would carry about 100 sacks.
. More >>>

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