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Bright spark to study electrical engineering in France

Mr Aliyadeth Thammavong, a hard working student from Vientiane Secondary School has received a two year scholarship to study in France in the field of electrical engineering.

. .More >>>

- Bug book introduces Lao insects
A love of Laos combined with many years spent learning about the lives of insects in this country has lead to entomologist Mr John J.S Burton publishing a new book this year, titled ‘Insects Are Everywhere.’
The book is authored by John J.S Burton and Gregory R. Ballmer and introduces insect species in Laos. The book is written in Lao and English to meet all target groups. . .More >>>
- Students proud of wining GENIUS Olympiad’s bronze medal
Two secondary students, Mr Sengsonephet Vongdara and Mr Phontham Visapra, are very happy and proud after winning the bronze medal in the GENIUS Olympiad competition in New York, USA.
They represented Lao secondary school students nationwide to compete in the GENIUS Olympiad 2017 and won bronze in the Visual and Performance Arts illustration sub category.. .More >>>
- Human resource development is a key factor of cooperation between Laos – Vietnam
This story marks Laos-Vietnam Solidarity and Friendship Year 2017 and celebrates the 55th anniversary of the countries’ diplomatic relations and the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Laos-Vietnam Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation. . .More >>>
- Diligent student wins competition with sustainable energy painting
Mr Kikham Keovongkoth is very happy to be declared the winner of a sustainable energy painting competition project titled ‘Sustainable Power for the Nation’and proud of the prize he has received.
Mr Kikham is a diligent student who usually pays attention well in class and practises painting skills diligently in his free time at the school dormitory after classes.. .More >>>
- Young lecturer shares path to SSEAYP success
The Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Programme (SSEAYP) has rightly earned a reputation as being the best programme for allowing youth to travel to Southeast Asian countries to promote friendship and mutual understanding.
Of course, it is not easy to join this programme. Those selected must be outstanding youth who can strengthen the spirit of international cooperation while speaking and writing English language very well. Every year, SSEAYP holds exams to select outstanding youth to join this programme. .More >>>
- Book festival opens young minds to revelations of reading
Reading is a profitable pastime of eternal value.
Outstanding success in any field and the achievement of life goals requires lifelong learning, and reading quality books is one of the surest ways to acquire such knowledge. .More >>>
- Dentist shares skills after graduate scholarship studies in Seoul
These days, Laos has several scholarships available for top students to study abroad thanks to the generosity of international partners..More >>>
- Schoolchildren beginning to see the value in trees
"Schoolchildren hold the future of the country’s trees’ in their hands” is the message being relayed by teachers’ looking to create more understanding of the importance of the conservation and planting of trees. .More >>>
- Fourth time sweetest as singer captures prize at Pepsi Contest
It’s taken the planet a few spins around the sun but Mr Soukthavy Southammavong, also known as Jimmy, is finally ready to declare himself a winner after capturing the Pepsi Singing Contest 2017..More >>>
- Top U-15 footballers prepare for school exams, eye U-16 Women’s Championship 
The two most outstanding players in the U-15 girls’ football team are studying hard for their school exams this month before joining the U-16 team for the 2017 AFC U-16 Women’s Championship to be hosted by Thailand in September.
.More >>>
- Perseverance brings academic success
Most people have a special talent of some kind, whether in the field of international cooperation or maybe law, but may not have the chance to develop their talents, while others climb the ladder through further education..More >>>
- Outstanding student physics explains her success
Everyone has their own special talent, whether it be in cooking, dancing, singing or some other area, while some lucky people find their niche in education..More >>>
- Secondary school student wins folktale writing contest

The winner of a recent folktale writing contest, Ms Chindavong Souvannamethy, 18, is quite rightly most pleased and proud of her achievement..More >>>
- Singer embraces celluloid, studies ahead of expected graduation
Singer Ms Phonesavanh Inthavong (Namfon) is busy juggling her role on the musical stage and music videos while extending her range to film and preparing for her university graduation. .More >>>
- Cleaner, safer motoring envisioned by schoolgirl art contest winner
An artistic vision for better, cleaner and safer motoring has won a Vientiane secondary school student cash, a trophy and the chance to have her entry compete abroad. .More >>>
- Top fitness trainer getting Vientiane in shape
When it comes to physical fitness and health Lao people are no different to others around the world which is why so many can be found in gyms around Vientiane working with personal trainers trying to get into shape. .More >>>
- Sports keen vovinam coach succeeds in developing martial arts
Experienced vovinam coach Mr Viengsouk Hangngeun is gaining a reputation for his knowledge and skill in training vovinam and taekwondo fighters. .More >>>
- Vientiane school honoured for being drug free
Receiving recognition for being drug free for three successive years clearly shows that Vientiane's Saengsamai School is one of the main allies in Laos' fight against drug abuse. .More >>>
- Mobile library opens new chapter in children's education
Reading is essential for children if they are to rise up the education ladder but many of them are held back because so many schools don't have enough books, both in rural areas of Laos and towns. .More >>>
- Model using modeling to further dream of being engineer
Amodel forged from the stage of Lao Super Model 2014, Mr Anoulack Phanthavong or Liong to his friends, is currently heavily focused on education and reaching his dream of one day being an engineer. .More >>>

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