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June 26, 2016
Laos, Vietnam cooperate on construction materials
Top stories

1. Govt instructs further action to address illegal car imports, other issues
The government has instructed relevant sectors to take further action to address illegal vehicle imports after learning more were imported into Laos than previously reported, the government spokesman has said.
Prof. Dr Chaleun Yiapaoher told a press conference on Friday, shortly after the closing of the two-day government monthly meeting, that action to address the illegal import of cars is still unfinished thus further action will be taken. . More >>>

2. Bachelor decision pending as ministry considers draft act for colleges
Students, teachers and administrators of state and private colleges and other educational institutions await official confirmation on whether courses of study can be accredited towards Bachelor and higher-level degrees for the coming academic year.
The Ministry of Education and Sports has not yet confirmed whether it will permit state/private colleges and educational institutions to recommence offering bachelor and higher level courses after they temporarily lost their permission to do so in the 2013/14 academic year.   .. . More >>>

3. Demarcation complete, Luang Prabang eyes investment to push SEZ project ahead
Development of a US$1.2 billion special economic zone (SEZ) in Luang Prabang province has faced delays attributed to project demarcation now completed while its developer seeks further investment and financial backing. The plans for the zone include a 23-storey building, schools, hospitals, shopping centre, bank, hotels, restaurants and residences including homes and advanced nursing care for older people. .More >>>

4. Human traffickers continue targeting young Lao
Thousands of young people including local factory workers have been lured into the trap of human trafficking, experts in the field have highlighted.
Lao Federation of Trade Unions (LFTU) has called for governments in the region, notably those in Mekong Sub-region to work harder in cooperation to tackle the crime. . . . More >>>

5. Buying ‘Made in Laos’ can boost nation: economist
An economist supported Prime Ministerial Order No. 09 issued on May 19 to ensure the effective use of the State budget, but called for the government to promote stronger spending on local products.
Independent and experienced economist Dr Mana Southichak told Vientiane Times recently that spending can be good for the country’s economy, but the money needs to be disbursed on efforts that promote productivity, industrial manufacturing and job creation activities.. More >>>

6. Laos, Vietnam cooperate on construction materials
Researchers of Laos and Vietnam met to discuss the use of new technologies to improve construction of the country’s roads in the capital last week. The new technology called ANTI-Blooming Additive (TS) improves the new roadways potentially affected by natural disaster, an official said. More >>>

Home news

Blood tests lead fight against infectious diseases
Blood testing is among the leading methods used to diagnose infectious diseases at the Mahosot Hospital Microbiology Laboratory Centre, according to an official from the facility.
In the year to date blood testing had allowed the screening of 12,000 infectious disease cases including for the potentially fatal dengue fever... .More >>>

- Outgoing JICA volunteers pay farewell courtesy visit
Some nine outgoing Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) volunteers paid a farewell courtesy visit to the International Cooperation Department at the Ministry of Planning and Investment last week.
The volunteers called on Director General of the International Cooperation Department, Ms Sisomboun Ounavong, led by Chief Representative at the JICA Laos office, Mr Yoshiharu Yoneyama.
. .More >>>

- Local students encouraged to enter international design contest
Lao students are being urged to display their creative skills and talents in the Taiwan International Student Design Competition 2017 (TISDC).
TISDC is largest international student design competition in the world, which has been organised by the Taiwan Ministry of Education since 2003 and is supported by Taiwanese companies.. . ..More >>>


Coastal Fujian an ideal tourist destination
Xiamen, Fujian province: Xiamen, nicknamed Garden on the Sea, is a modern port city and a major tourist destination on the southeastern coast of China. Over 30 journalists and staff members from the China, South Asia and Southeast Press. .. More >>>

Poverty Eradication

Silk products sustain weavers’ income
As many of you may already know, Huaphan is one of the most famous places in Laos for weaving, and it is Huaphan’s women who are preserving this weaving tradition to pass it on from generation to generation. .. .. . More >>>

Arts & Culture

Chinese paper art skills shared by visiting teacher
Well-known Chinese artist and teacher Ms Cao Xiaoqin is happy and proud to transfer techniques on Chinese paper cutting arts to Lao students.
She offered a four day workshop to teach lessons, knowledge and skills to students in the capital....More >>>


The Greenhouse Gas Effect
Climate change has become a buzz word in Laos. But do people really understand what the term means? This is the second of five articles in Vientiane Times. . . More >>>


KP Company celebrates two decades of bringing Bridgestone to Laos
The sole distributor for Bridgestone tyres in Laos since 1996, KP Company recently celebrated the 20th anniversary with customers, distributors and staff at the launch of the new Bridgestone ECOPIA300 tyre range. .. . .More >>>


New book to boost kids’ insect interest
A new book titled “Insects Are Everywhere” is set to liven up young people’s interest in Laos’ lively arthropods through an interesting insect story. .. . . .More >>>


Nice place with familiar people
Old friends enjoying a meal and drink while sharing happy and sad memories about their time studying together at school brings a really good atmosphere to any reunion party. . . .More >>>

World news

15 found dead in SW China landslide burying 120
MAOXIAN, Sichuan (Xinhua) -- Fifteen people have been confirmed dead in a landslide in southwest China’s Sichuan province early Saturday that buried more than 120 people from 62 homes.. .More >>>


What should be done to reduce drug trafficking?
Drugs have caused problems in many countries, including Laos, for a long time. Today marks International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking. To promote fighting drug addiction and dealers, Vientiane Times asked some member of the public what we can do to stop trafficking.. ..More >>>


Ex-Lanexang football veteran to ply trade in Thai league
Following reigning champion Lanexang United’s shock withdrawal from this year’s Lao Premier League numerous former players have been plying their trade with new side Vientiane United and competitions further afield. . . More >>>


Monk uses Buddhist teachings to combat smoking
Respected members of society like monks can be important role models in drug control to address the problem of tobacco use in schools and educational institutes. . More >>>


High-quality, handmade: Earthenware evolution sees siblings helping family firm survive test of time
From ancient times to today, the development of the craft of pottery and earthenware has been among the hallmarks of civilisational development. Sadly alongside modernity the craft is becoming less common to find in some quarters..... More >>>


Diligent student wins competition with sustainable energy painting
Mr Kikham Keovongkoth is very happy to be declared the winner of a sustainable energy painting competition project titled ‘Sustainable Power for the Nation’and proud of the prize he has received.
Mr Kikham is a diligent student who usually pays attention well in class and practises painting skills diligently in his free time at the school dormitory after classes..... .More >>>


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